Made for success.


We’re three men who noticed an already packed luxury market was missing something. The more money you make, the less you hold. Business cards are tossed, credit cards forgotten, and you’re left with a large wallet holding only the essentials. We wanted to let go  of what we thought the wallet was, and embrace what it can be: an extension of you.

Peter Jostrand

A school graduate and lead designer at Income Clips, Peter was always on the lookout for new opportunities. Mr. Jostrand found his inspiration in the least innovative of places, atop the corporate ladder. With every memo mailed and email printed, Peter was struck by the complexity of paper clips and saw an opportunity for a truly innovative, yet simple, sturdy, yet beautiful, paper holding product. Something that could be trusted with more than term papers and memos. Something that could hold everything important to him.

Devin McGillivary

From an early age, wallets bothered Devin. How could something holding such slender possessions become so bulky? In the early Nineties, Devin began to speak out against wallets, consulting with spinal surgeons and veterinary specialists, he spoke to the damages done by wallets. Men’s backs were literally breaking, and it was time for a change.


John Victor Shafto Photography

Manhattan’s premier wallet photographer, John Victor has opened and closed the proverbial coffee table book on wallets. From the ‘04 Burberry collection to the infamous Details accessories issue, he’s shot leather, fabric, and even duct-tape in his early years. The prospect of plastic and aluminum intrigued John Victor, as he had never seen either “in the right place.”


a truly innovative, yet simple, sturdy, yet beautiful, paper holding product.